About Us

Our History

A & Z Group established in 2000 , Located in the beautiful Hang Zhou City ,Zhe Jiang Province, China .
it is a leading company in Innovation and Manufacturing and Marketing of food ingredients and dietary supplements etc
with 20 years rich experience and strong professional teams , we have supplied and exported our high quality products to
more than 1000 customers in over 100 countries .

Our Goal is to be a preferred and creditable global supplier and partner to the food and Beverage , Pharmaceutical, Cosmetics and Nutraceutical Industries .
Striving for superior economic performance through improved productivity and high quality ingredients .

Our Factory:

A & Z Group hold self-owned office building in HangZhou ( A & Z Food Additives Co.,Ltd ) and ShangHai ( ShangHai AZ Import & Export Co.,Ltd ),
to guarantee the stable product Quality Control we have set up our own Laboratory and to keep the stable Supply Chain
we have invested several production factories for various products , Covering the following sub-branches .

HangZhou HeFengYuan Health Food Co.,Ltd  ( Royal Jelly ,Propolis ,Beeswax, Bee Pollen,Kombucha,Policosanol/ Octacosanol  )

ETUOKE  DeRong   Algae  Co.,Ltd        ( Spiurlina ,Chlorella,Astaxanthin,Phycocyanin  )

NanTong ZiLang Biopharma Tech Co.,Ltd  ( L-Tryptophan,L-Ornithine,L-Arginine, L-Threonine )

JinHu ShenKai Industrial Co.,Ltd  ( HMB-Ca )

HangZhou Gellan Solutions Biotec Co.,Ltd  (  Gellan Gum , Hydrolloids  Compound )

JiangXi WEIERBAO Food &  Biological Co.,Ltd      ( Non Dairy Creamer , SSOS  ) 

ZheJiang Orient Phytic Acid  Co.,Ltd  (  Phytic Acid, Sodium Phytate )

HangZhou KangYuan Food Science & Technology Co.,Ltd   (  Wheat Peptide, Soy Peptide,Sea Cucumber Peptide )  
FuYang Update Biotechnology Co.,Ltd   (  Coated Vitamin C, L-Ascorbic Acid )
JiangXi TianYi Fragrance Flavour Co., Ltd ( Sucrose Acetate Isobutyrate, SAIB ) 
LinQuan Global Foods Co.,Ltd ( Dehydrated Garlic, Dehydrated Ginger, Dehydrated Carrot )
ZheJiang Tian Sheng Foods Co.,Ltd ( Vingar Powder, Caramel Color )
HangZhou KangNeng Tea Co.,Ltd ( Matcha, Tea Powder, Tea polyphenol )