Food Preservative

  • Carrageenan CAS 11114-20-8
    Carrageenan CAS 11114-20-8

    Carrageenan, a natural hydrocolloid, is a powder extracted from various species of red algae that are farmed and processed.

  • Nisin CAS 1414-45-5
    Nisin CAS 1414-45-5

    Nisin is a polypeptide produced by some strains of Streptococcus Lactic (later termed Lactococcus lactis subspecies lactis ) strain, which contains 34 amino acids.

  • Natamycin CAS 7681-93-8
    Natamycin CAS 7681-93-8

    Information: Natmycin inhibits most yeasts and moulds,including leuconostoc, aspergillus, fusarium, cephalosporium, penicillium, cryptococcosis and histoplasma capsulatum. These bacteria can be suppressed with a small dosage of 1-10ug/ml.

  • Polylysine

    Product Name: ε-Polylysine 95%
    INCI Name: Polylysine
    Molecular Formula: (C6H12N2O)n Molecular Weight: 1500~3000

  • Lysozyme CAS 12650-88-3
    Lysozyme CAS 12650-88-3

    Lysozyme is Extracted from egg albumen liquid, Lysozyme Chloride can dissolve the cell-wall and sterilize the Gram Positive Bacteria.

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