• Stevia CAS 91722-21-3
    Stevia CAS 91722-21-3

    Stevioside is extracted from compositae plant stevia leaves, it is natural, high sweet, low quantity of heat and safety sweetener. After eating, it do not participate in the metabolism in the human body, and as prototype form excreted from the stool.

  • Trehalose CAS 99-20-7
    Trehalose CAS 99-20-7

    Trehalose is a naturally occurred disaccharide and was first discovered in a bacterium grown on rye by Wiggers in 1832.

  • Erythritol CAS 149-32-6
    Erythritol CAS 149-32-6

    Chemically, erythritol is simply a four-carbon sugar alcohol. For commercial and industrial purposes, erythritol is made by fermenting glucose then separating and purifying the resulting product.

  • Neotame CAS 165450-17-9
    Neotame CAS 165450-17-9

    ‚ÄčNeotame represent the new generation of sweeteners, its appearance is white crystalline powder(or kernel), it is 7000-13000 sweeter than sucrose and the thermostable performance is better than aspartame, while just cost 1/3 of aspartame.

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