Bee Honey collection and placement

May 20, 2020

Honey collects nectar for bees,Bee Honey a yellow-white viscous liquid produced by natural fermentation. The ancient Greeks regarded honey as a "gift of heaven." In ancient China,Bee Honey artificial beekeeping began to collect honey. Honey is both a good medicine and a good drink, which can prolong life.

Honey, also known as winter brew. Mainly because of the hardship of bee gathering and brewing. In the Song Dynasty,Bee Honey the famous poet Su Qi wrote in "The Second Rhyme King Shi Yuan and Two Cao Huan": "The bottom of the well is soaked in the old side, and the head of the bed is brewed in winter." Means: "Tu Su wine prepared in the traditional way in the wine cellar, Bee Honey plus a little honey,Bee Honey her taste is more than the wine that the fairy drinks." The term winter brew refers specifically to honey.

Honey is fully brewed by the sap secreted by bees from the plant honey glands. It is produced in most parts of China, preferably those that are thick like curd, sweet and pure,Bee Honey clean and free of impurities and non-fermented. The main components of honey are sugars,Bee Honey of which 60% to 80% are easily absorbed glucose and fructose by the human body. They are mainly used as nutritional tonics,Bee Honey medicinal and processed candied foods and brewed honey wine, and can also replace sugar as a condiment.

Honey is a supersaturated solution of sugar. Some single nectar will crystallize at low temperature. The crystal is generated by glucose,Bee Honey and the part that does not generate crystals is mainly fructose. Honey crystallization is related to honey species and storage conditions. Generally,Bee Honey honey crystallizes below 13 degrees Celsius, while rapeseed honey and linden honey crystallizes at 13 to 14 degrees Celsius,Bee Honey and acacia honey is not easy to crystallize. Although jujube nectar is a variety that is not easy to crystallize, if there is a small amount of crystallization,Bee Honey it is still a natural phenomenon, please rest assured to eat. Honey is generally stored in a cool place,Bee Honey but the temperature should not be too low. Honey generally crystallizes at 10 degrees Celsius, which is not conducive to consumption.

Honey crystallization treatment method: soak the honey together with the bottle in hot water,Bee Honey but pay attention to the temperature of the hot water must be less than 50 degrees Celsius,Bee Honey because too high temperature will inactivate the enzymes in the honey and lose vitamins. You can even put the bottle together and slowly heat it in a cold water pot. When the water temperature reaches 50~60 degrees Celsius,Bee Honey the precipitate will melt naturally and will not precipitate again. Put it into nature in summer.