Do you know how to make beeswax soap

May 13, 2020

The main components of beeswax can be divided into 4 categories, namely esters, free acids,Beeswax free alcohols and hydrocarbons. It also contains traces of volatile oil and pigment. Among the esters are beeswax palmitate (approximately 80%,Beeswax which is the main component of beeswax), beeswax oleate, and arachidyl beeswaxate.

Today I will teach you a small method of making beeswax soap: Firstly,Beeswax olive oil is used in soap: the production of soap, olive oil and hard tablets. Olive oil makes the soap lather for a long time,Beeswax and does not irritate the skin. You can buy it in the supermarket. Olive oil beeswax: Make hard soap,Beeswax reduce soap foam. If you add a little sugar or honey you can increase soap bubbles and make soft soap. Coconut oil: Can produce rich foam soap. If you use coconut oil soap all,Beeswax so the soap foam only, the salt water will feel dry hand soap. Therefore,Beeswax the consumption of soap and coconut oil should be controlled within 30%.