Ingredients of bee pollen

May 15, 2020

Scientists have confirmed that pollen contains a variety of nutrients,Bee Pollen including 22 amino acids, 14 vitamins and more than 30 trace elements, as well as a large number of active proteases,Bee Pollen nucleic acids, flavonoids and other active substances. The protein rich in pollen is mostly in the form of free amino acids,Bee Pollen which is 5-7 times more than that of milk and eggs; the content of vitamin C is higher than that of fresh fruits and vegetables,Bee Pollen and is called the king of natural vitamins. In particular, the content of B vitamins is extremely rich,Bee Pollen one hundred times higher than honey. Each 100 grams of pollen contains 600 micrograms of thiamine,Bee Pollen 1670 micrograms of riboflavin, 900 micrograms of pyridoxine, 2700 micrograms of pantothenic acid,Bee Pollen and 10,000 micrograms of niacin. It contains a variety of minerals. The contents of some elements in these minerals are: potassium 20-40%, magnesium 1-20%, calcium 1-15%, iron 1-12%,Bee Pollen silicon 2-10%, phosphorus 1~20%.