Physical properties of beeswax

May 10, 2020

The collection of beeswax is mostly done in spring and autumn. The beekeeper promotes the bee colony management to promote the bees to secrete more wax and build more spleen,Beeswax and then cut the spleen of the old nest that has been used for many years, the built spleen, the wax cover of the hive,Beeswax the base and the honey cut. The honey cover is collected and manually extracted. Generally, the honeycomb after the honey is removed is put into a water pot to be heated and melted to remove impurities such as the upper layer of cocoon coat, bee corpse, foam, Beeswax etc. Filter while hot, let the wax be condensed Formed into blocks, floating on the surface of the water, taken out,Beeswax it is yellow wax. The yellow wax is then processed into white wax after being cooked and decolorized.

Pure beeswax is white, and most of the beeswax seen is light yellow, medium yellow or dark brown,Beeswax etc. This is due to the fat-soluble carotenoids or other pigments present in pollen and propolis. At room temperature,Beeswax beeswax is in a solid state and has a beeswax smell similar to honey and bee pollen. The specific gravity at 20℃ is 0.954~0.964. The melting point varies with the source and processing extraction method,Beeswax and is generally between 62 and 67°C. At 300°C,Beeswax beeswax forms smoke and decomposes into carbon dioxide, acetic acid and other volatile substances.

The outside temperature is low, the original wax contains many debris,Beeswax showing a special smell. The original wax is treated with a special process to remove impurities, decolorize and deodorize,Beeswax and high-quality refined beeswax is obtained.

Medicinal yellow waxes are mostly irregular lumps with different sizes. The whole is yellow or yellowish brown,Beeswax opaque or slightly transparent. The surface is smooth and greasy when touched. The body is light and can float on the surface of the water. It is soft and brittle when cold,Beeswax and the broken surface is granular. It can be softened by hand kneading. It has a honey-like aroma, sweet and smooth,Beeswax and is chewy and sticky. Insoluble in water, soluble in ether and chloroform. Yellow, pure, soft and greasy,Beeswax with honey-like aroma is preferred. Beeswax is a white block. The quality is relatively pure. Smell is weak, others are the same as yellow wax