Refining methods of beeswax and problems to be noted

May 12, 2020

Refining method of beeswax: generally use hot filtration method, Beeswax that is, after cutting the old spleen from the nest frame, remove the wire, put it in the cauldron,Beeswax add water to the pot to heat and boil, and then stir it well. After the beeswax melts, it floats on the water surface. Press an iron gauze in the pot to press impurities with a lighter specific gravity than water to the bottom of the pot to separate the wax and impurities. Skim the water with wax on top and put it in a container of cool water. After skimming the water, the wax residue in the pot can be heated to boil with water,Beeswax and then skim the water and wax liquid. Repeat this 3 times, you can basically bee wax.

Finally, the beeswax in the cold water is heated together and melted,Beeswax and the wax liquid is placed in a container filled with warm water and left to solidify. After the beeswax is completely cooled and solidified,Beeswax remove and scrape the lower impurities to obtain pure beeswax.

Problems that should be noted in the extraction of beeswax: Beeswax will turn black due to impurities and reduce the grade of beeswax. Therefore, when collecting beeswax raw materials,Beeswax impurities such as propolis should be avoided. Before using the old nest spleen to melt the wax, it should be broken into small pieces,Beeswax immersed in water for several days, and rinsed several times before waxing. When heating the wax,Beeswax the temperature should not be too high, generally maintained at 85 ℃, too high temperature affects the quality of beeswax, and also easily cause fire. Therefore, in the process of waxing, you can't leave people. The finished beeswax should be packed in sacks according to quality standards and stored in dry and ventilated places. Because beeswax has a fragrant and sweet smell,Beeswax it is susceptible to worms and rats, so it should be checked and kept properly.