Storage methods and characteristics of royal jelly

May 01, 2020

Storage: The storage of royal jelly needs to be refrigerated or frozen. The refrigerated period is about 3 months at 4°C. It is stored frozen at about -5°C for one year,Royal Jelly and stored below -18°C for more than two years. If there is no refrigerated or frozen condition,Royal Jelly honey can be blended for temporary consumption and storage at room temperature. In short,Royal Jelly the time should not be too long, otherwise it will be easily oxidized, which will reduce the nutritional value.

Sex hormones: Royal Jelly contains three human reproductive hormones, which are estradiol,Royal Jelly testosterone and progesterone. It is determined that each gram of fresh royal jelly contains 0.4167 micrograms of estradiol,Royal Jelly 0.1082 micrograms of testosterone and 0.1167 micrograms of progesterone, and experiments have shown that these sex hormones will not be damaged after making royal jelly into lyophilized powder.

Features: Selected raw materials: Raw materials come from pure natural green beekeeping base. Using ultra-low temperature vacuum freeze-drying technology,Royal Jelly fresh royal jelly is directly processed into royal jelly lyophilized powder,Royal Jelly maintaining all the nutrients and active substances of fresh royal jelly. High activity: The activity rate can be maintained at more than 97%, 30% higher than that of ordinary royal jelly lyophilized powder,Royal Jelly and 3 times higher than fresh royal jelly of the same quality. At the same time,Royal Jelly it is packaged in a soft capsule form to ensure that the nutritional ingredients will not be destroyed by stomach acid.

Nutrient-rich: Contains more than 30 nutrients beneficial to the human body, such as royal jelly, protein,Royal Jelly amino acids, fatty acids, vitamins, choline, minerals, nucleic acids and nucleotides. Among them, royal jelly is the most important one. It is also a naturally occurring organic acid found only in royal jelly so far. It has good antibacterial and immune strengthening functions. High content: It contains 2.05 grams of royal jelly per 100 grams. The content of royal jelly is one of the important indicators of the quality of royal jelly. The general content is about 1.4%.