Types of bee pollen

May 17, 2020

The types of bee pollen are mainly distinguished according to the source of the honey source,Bee Pollen such as tea pollen and oil (oil food) cauliflower pollen. There are many kinds of pollen-derived plants in China,Bee Pollen but most of the pollen collected by bees during flowering is only enough for the breeding needs of bees themselves,Bee Pollen and cannot be provided as commercial pollen. Only a few when flowering,Bee Pollen bees can collect a large amount of pollen and maintain Only bees can collect bee pollen. In China, there are more than a dozen types of bee pollen (bee pollen food),Bee Pollen which are now introduced as follows:

Rape pollen: Except for Tibet, it is produced all over the country. Rape pollen is the largest bee pollen in China. It is yellow, has a special green smell,Bee Pollen and has a strong fragrance. Corn pollen: The main producing areas are Central China, East China, North China,Bee Pollen Northeast China and Northwest China. The pollen pellets are small, light yellow in color, slightly colloidal, and have a light taste. Camellia powder: The main producing areas are East China and Yunnan. Orange-yellow,Bee Pollen with fragrant smell, slightly sweet and delicious. In addition, there are sunflower pollen,Bee Pollen wheat pollen, sesame pollen, melon pollen, lotus pollen, gallnut pollen, and codonopsis pollen. Among the many pollen,Bee Pollen tea pollen, lotus pollen and gallnut pollen are better.