Which is better, Propolis and royal jelly?

May 03, 2020

Propolis and royal jelly are two common foods in our lives. The nutritional value and medicinal value of royal jelly are better than propolis, so royal jelly is definitely better than propolis. However,Propolis we now say which of these two foods is good, mainly in terms of its nutritional value and medicinal value. If you are saying which kind of disease has a better treatment effect, then it should be based on the treatment of the disease. To analyze. Royal jelly is a food that can improve human immunity and prolong life. It is very good for the maintenance of our skin, and propolis is used to lower blood fat and blood pressure, and it is better for the treatment of these diseases in the elderly. Propolis I hope everyone can make good use of them.

Of course royal jelly is good. Royal jelly is the exclusive food of the queen bee for life,Propolis and is also the milk of three-day-old larvae, also known as bee milk. Propolis is a material used by bees to collect plant buds and juice from wounds on beehives to repair the hive. Royal jelly can improve human immunity, anti-aging, prolong life, etc.Propolis can prevent and treat a variety of diseases, and can also fight cancer. Propolis is mainly used for softening blood vessels and cleaning garbage in the body, and has obvious antibacterial and antiviral effects.

The role of propolis: lower blood fat, lower blood pressure, regulate blood sugar, clear human free radicals, regulate immune function, relieve liver toxicity,Propolis inhibit cell mutation, antibacterial, anti-fatigue, no Du Fu effect. Propolis contains some allergenic substances,Propolis which are not suitable for people with allergies. Propolis is a fat-like substance that is fermented by bees after collecting resin and saliva. It is applied to the entire honeycomb to make the dark and damp honeycomb sterile, ensuring that pollen,Propolis honey and royal jelly will not spoil. The main effect of propolis contains flavonoids, which can antibacterial and anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, hypoglycemic, lipid-lowering, and enhance immunity,Propolis especially suitable for middle-aged and elderly people, diabetic people, high blood pressure patients and so on.

The role of royal jelly: to help lower blood sugar, anti-oxidation, regulate vasodilation,Propolis bi-directionally regulate blood pressure, lower blood fat. Royal jelly is not suitable for people: pregnant women, people with seafood allergies, people in the early stage of surgery. Royal jelly has anti-aging effects, can increase appetite,Propolis eliminate fatigue, strengthen resistance to diseases and enhance immunity, promote metabolism, and accelerate the recovery of patients. Treatment of hyperlipidemia; treatment of liver disease, neurasthenia,Propolis menopausal syndrome, gastrointestinal diseases also have obvious effects.

The article describes what kind of royal jelly and propolis is good,Propolis I hope everyone can analyze them according to their own uses, because the uses of these two foods are different. If you want to use it to maintain skin and improve body function, we recommend that you eat royal jelly. If you have high blood pressure or high blood sugar,Propolis we suggest that you eat propolis.