Beauty Effects Of Royal Jelly

May 15, 2020

Royal jelly contains more than 12 kinds of protein,Royal Jelly more than 20 kinds of amino acids, more than 10 kinds of vitamins, especially B vitamins are particularly rich, not only nutritional tonics,Royal Jelly but also has significant beauty effects. The large amount of active substances contained can activate the enzyme system,Royal Jelly make lipofuscin excreted from the body, and reduce its content. In addition, royal jelly also has antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, and anti-radiation effects. It can prevent skin infections, inflammation,Royal Jelly and radiation damage, prevent the formation of skin melanin, prevent and remove wrinkles, care for the skin, keep the skin clean and fair, and maintain the skin's tenderness, beauty, and health. .

Fresh royal jelly is composed of more than one hundred rare ingredients. Among them,Royal Jelly a large number of amino acids, vitamins and trace elements can improve human nutrition to meet human needs,Royal Jelly rich and efficient active enzymes and organic acids, can coordinate secretion, balance the body to improve sleep,Royal Jelly Enhance physical fitness to overcome disease. The anti-tumor and anti-radiation 10-hydroxy-2-decenoic acid contained in royal jelly is unique in nature,Royal Jelly and contains 3% of the currently unexplored mystery "substance R" which can regulate metabolism and activate the body Miraculous health effect.

The reason why royal jelly can have such a magical beauty effect can be found in its nutritional ingredients according to the traditional Chinese medicine theory that "show outside must be raised first". Analysis shows that royal jelly contains essential proteins, including albumin about 2/3, globulin about 1/3; contains more than 20 amino acids, more than 16 kinds of vitamins, a variety of trace elements and enzymes, lipids , Sugars, hormones,Royal Jelly phosphate compounds, etc., and some unknown substances. Such a rich nutritious and tonic product, after oral administration,Royal Jelly can strengthen and strengthen bones, prolong life and prevent aging, and can promote and enhance the vitality of epidermal cells,Royal Jelly improve cell metabolism, prevent collagen, elastic fiber degeneration, hardening, nourish the skin, nourish the skin,Royal Jelly Makes the skin soft and elastic, moisturizes the face, thereby delaying and delaying the aging of the skin.