Clinical Application Of Royal Jelly

May 14, 2020

Treatment of acute infectious hepatitis: oral administration of 1% royal jelly honey (made from royal jelly and honey), 5g under 4 years old, 10g at 5-10 years old,Royal Jelly 20g at 10 years old and above. 1 dose per day, 2 divided doses, 20 days as a course of treatment, three consecutive courses. Treated 22 cases,Royal Jelly various symptoms improved significantly within 3-14 days, liver significantly reduced in about 3 weeks,Royal Jelly serum aminotransferase decreased by more than 40 units or returned to normal in about 10 days, other various laboratory tests improved significantly in 9-18 days . It has a good effect on the improvement of liver function. However,Royal Jelly in the application process, it was found that in a few cases, the absolute number of eosinophils increased compared with before,Royal Jelly and the solid arrhythmia (including one case with escape stroke, rash, diarrhea and other reactions).

For the treatment of chronic rheumatoid arthritis: take royal jelly 400mg daily for 3-6 months. A preliminary observation of 28 cases, significant progress (improved general condition, Royal Jelly joint pain significantly reduced) 7 cases, progressive (improved general condition, joint pain slightly reduced) 3 cases,Royal Jelly stable (the general condition is the same as before treatment, joint pain did not improve , But no acute attack) 10 cases, 8 cases were invalid. Generally,Royal Jelly it takes effect in the 3-4 innings after taking the service, and only a few need to take effect in the 6-7 innings. No adverse reactions were found during the medication. There were dry mouth, headache, dry stool, etc.Royal Jelly but they disappeared in a short time.

Applied to neuropsychiatric diseases: neurological treatment of 16 cases of progressive muscular dystrophy, 300-600ml daily, taken for half a month to more than 3 months; of which,Royal Jelly there were 3 cases of significant progress and 1 case of mild progress. Psychiatric treatment of schizophrenia, paralytic dementia,Royal Jelly climacteric depression, neurosis and mental dysplasia, a total of 9 cases, began to take 100ml daily,Royal Jelly increase the dose after 1 week, gradually increase to 800ml daily (maximum 400ml each time ), taking medicine for 6-10 weeks,Royal Jelly the total amount is 19200ml-30600ml. Results 1 case was obviously active, 2 cases were mentally active authors,Royal Jelly and 1 case was mentally impaired compared to the previous listener, and the remaining 5 cases had no progress.