Physical And Chemical Properties Of Royal Jelly

May 04, 2020

Fresh royal jelly is a viscous slurry with a glossy feel, its color is milky white,Royal Jelly light yellow or reddish, the color difference is related to the pigment of worker bees' feed (mainly pollen). In addition,Royal Jelly the increase in the age of worker bees, the preservation of royal jelly for too long,Royal Jelly and the contact between the royal jelly and the air for too long are oxidized, which causes the color of royal jelly to deepen.

Royal jelly has a typical smell of phenol and acid, with a sour, astringent,Royal Jelly slightly spicy taste and a slightly sweet aftertaste. Royal jelly is acidic, PH is 3.9-4.1, acidity is between 32-54 ml 1NNaOH/100g,Royal Jelly it is insoluble in chloroform; partly soluble in water, the rest forms suspension with water; partly dissolved in alcohol,Royal Jelly partly precipitated; All of the concentrated salt or sodium hydroxide is dissolved.

Royal jelly is extremely unstable to heat. After being left at room temperature for 72 hours,Royal Jelly the freshness drops significantly, and it fails at about 130 degrees. But it is very stable at low temperature,Royal Jelly it can be stored for one year at -2 degrees,Royal Jelly and can be kept for several years at -18 degrees. Royal jelly will oxidize and hydrolyze when exposed to air. Light will catalyze royal jelly and reduce its aldehyde and ketone groups.