Side Effects Of Royal Jelly

May 16, 2020

Side effects: Those with allergies. That is,Royal Jelly people who are usually allergic to seafood or are often allergic to drugs. Because royal jelly contains hormones, enzymes,Royal Jelly and heterosexual proteins. Those who suffer from hypotension and hypoglycemia for a long time. Royal jelly contains substances similar to acetylcholine,Royal Jelly and acetylcholine has the effect of lowering blood pressure and blood sugar. Intestinal dysfunction and diarrhea. Royal jelly can cause strong contraction of the intestine and induce intestinal dysfunction,Royal Jelly leading to diarrhea and constipation. Royal jelly is not suitable for those with liver yang hyperactivity and damp heat block, or those with high fever,Royal Jelly vomiting blood, and jaundice liver disease.

Physical and chemical identification: Ph should be 3.5-4.8. Determined by the rapid moisture determination method,Royal Jelly the water content shall not be greater than 70%. Use a lighted match to approach the bee milk,Royal Jelly and no yellow-brown particles should melt quickly (check wax slices). Using a glass rod dipped in iodine test solution,Royal Jelly scratch the white porcelain plate coated with a small amount of bee milk. The scratches should not show blue,Royal Jelly green or reddish brown (check starch. Take a little bee milk and put a small amount of distilled water in the test tube Dilute and mix well,Royal Jelly add a few drops of the Feilin test solution, boil on the water bath for 1-2min, take out and observe,Royal Jelly and it must not turn red or reddish brown (check honey).