Ten Effects Of Royal Jelly

May 08, 2020

Nutritionists believe that royal jelly is a super nutritious food with high active ingredients that can be taken directly by humans. People in the medical circles in the United States, Britain, France,Royal Jelly Germany, Italy, Japan and other countries have concluded that royal jelly has ten major effects:Royal Jelly fresh royal jelly contains a certain amount of acetylcholine, which can play a health role in the human nervous system;Royal Jelly royal jelly is rich in vitamin B and High-quality protein, especially royal jelly acid with strong bactericidal power,Royal Jelly so it is a good medicine for cancer treatment; royal jelly has the function of promoting hematopoiesis, can increase hemoglobin,Royal Jelly promote growth, and improve disease resistance;

Royal jelly contains pantothenic acid,Royal Jelly which can improve rheumatism and joint symptoms. Royal jelly contains insulin-like peptides whose molecular weight is the same as that of bovine insulin,Royal Jelly and it has a good regulation function on the islet function of diabetic patients;Royal Jelly royal jelly can strengthen the function of adrenal cortex, regulate human hormones, activate mesencephalic cells,Royal Jelly and help to treat menopausal disorders and Chronic prostate inflammation. Royal jelly can enhance people's basic physical strength, activate the aging tissues of the human body,Royal Jelly have good appetite, long spirit and good appearance after taking.

The peptide and protein health factors contained in royal jelly can promote intellectual development,Royal Jelly so taking it can improve memory. Royal jelly contains protein hormones and natural antibiotics. It can prevent infection,Royal Jelly promote cell formation, and leave no scars when healed. Royal jelly contains a variety of inorganic salts,Royal Jelly which can promote the release of glycogen and promote metabolism,Royal Jelly so it can be cosmetic. Eliminates markings. Royal jelly has a good effect on regulating blood lipids. The dosage of royal jelly should be determined according to different needs. Adult nutrition and beauty daily service is 2 to 5 grams,Royal Jelly disease prevention and health care is about 10 grams,Royal Jelly and treatment of serious illness is 20 grams.