The Chemical Composition Of Royal Jelly

May 02, 2020

Royal jelly (provisional food of royal jelly and honey can prolong the preservation time of royal jelly activity) contains protein, fat, sugar, vitamin A,Royal Jelly vitamin Bl, vitamin B2, rich folic acid, pantothenic acid and inositol. There are similar acetylcholine-like substances,Royal Jelly as well as a variety of amino acids and biological hormones that the human body needs.

Royal jelly is a kind of bee product with quite complicated components. Its chemical composition is different according to bee species, age,Royal Jelly season and pollen plants. Generally speaking, its ingredients are: moisture 64.5-69.5%,Royal Jelly crude protein 11-14.5%, carbohydrate 13-15%, lipid 6.0%, minerals 0.4-2%,Royal Jelly undetermined substances 2.84-3.0%.

Protein accounts for about 50% of the dry matter of royal jelly, of which 2/3 is albumin and 1/3 is globulin. There are more than 12 kinds of protein in royal jelly, and there are many small peptides. Amino acids account for about 1.8% of the dry weight of royal jelly. The eight essential amino acids required by the human body are present in royal jelly, of which the highest content of proline is about 63%, amino acids. Royal jelly contains nucleic acids,Royal Jelly of which deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA) 201-223 micrograms/gram weight and ribonucleic acid 3.9-4.9 milligrams/gram weight.