The Identification Method And Selection Method Of Royal Jelly

May 17, 2020

At present,Royal Jelly there are two types of adulteration of fresh royal jelly: identification of royal jelly such as milk powder and starch-mixed starch: starch turns blue in case of iodine. Starch becomes dextrin after hydrolysis,Royal Jelly and dextrin turns purple after encountering iodine. Pure royal jelly appears light yellow or orange yellow when it encounters iodine. Simple method: Take a drop of royal jelly on paper. After a period of time,Royal Jelly if there is any trace of water seeping out, the royal jelly is adulterated.

Identification of royal jelly mixed with dairy products: a small amount of edible soda or 20% NaOH and a few drops of it at room temperature and mix well. If all the suspended matter is dissolved and is light yellow and transparent,Royal Jelly if it is not dissolved and is cloudy, it means that the sample is in royal jelly Blended with dairy products.

Select high-quality royal jelly: The surface of high-quality fresh royal jelly sparkles like gold. The surface of fresh royal jelly is ice-like, milky white and light yellow. Nose scent: It has a special aromatic odor, and no smell of spoilage fermentation, milk, etc. After the royal jelly is defrosted,Royal Jelly apply a little to the back of the hand. It is fresh and royal jelly as if it is smooth and slightly grainy like vanishing cream. If it is extra large,Royal Jelly it is stale royal jelly. Pour out royal jelly and watch it. Fresh royal jelly is flower-shaped. Those without flower-shaped flowers are not fresh royal jelly, except for melting after long-distance transportation. The entrance of fresh royal jelly has a sour,Royal Jelly astringent, spicy and spicy taste, and the aftertaste is slightly sweet.