Fish Pot Reduced Salt Soy Sauce

Fish Pot Reduced Salt Soy Sauce


Appearance:Dark yellow to brown powder
Moisture:8.0% Max
Total Nitrogen:2.0% Min

Product Details


We continue to use advanced technology and technology at home and abroad, so that our natamycin, chymosin, Water Soluble Drone Pupa Capsule is constantly updated, scaled up in production, and high in quality. We give each customer a dedicated operator to regularly feed back cargo information to facilitate timely and effective communication. We now have strict quality manage procedures for each system.


Soy Sauce powder TS-202





Dark yellow to brown powder


8.0% Max

Total Nitrogen

2.0% Min

Liquid Ntrogen based on amino acids

1.5% Min


45% Max

Total Plate Count

15000CFU/g Max


150MPN/100g Max


Not detected


5kg/bag / 20kg/carton

Storage: Cool and Dry places and normal temperature

The scale and grade of the enterprise have been constantly improved, which can produce Fish Pot Reduced Salt Soy Sauce with complete varieties and excellent performance for the majority of users and provide first-class professional services. Meanwhile, aiming to develop into an international enterprise group, we look forward to receiving offers for joint ventures and other cooperative projects. In order to meet the requirements of the market, only by continuous innovation can the product take the initiative in the market competition and have its own position.
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