Fresh Crop Excellent Grade Honey Flavor Coated Peanuts

Fresh Crop Excellent Grade Honey Flavor Coated Peanuts


Fresh honey sachets are the sweet liquid produced by worker bees to feed their larvae and for subsistence.

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Fresh honey sachets are the sweet liquid produced by worker bees to feed their larvae and for subsistence.

This concentrated liquid is sticky and contains about 17-18% moisture. The colour shade varies from pale yellow to dark green or light brown to dark brown, depending on the nectar source (the blossoms) visited by the honey bees, types of bee pollen, and minerals from soil and water, etc.

Main function of fresh honey sachets:

(1) Skin care and beauty

Fresh honey is applied to the skin, it can play a moisturizing and nutritional effect, making the skin delicate, smooth and elastic.

(2) Antibacterial and anti-inflammatory, promote tissue regeneration

Experiments confirmed that honey has a strong inhibitory effect on Gram-positive bacteria such as streptococcus, staphylococcus, diphtheria and other bacteria.

(3) Promote digestion

Studies have shown that honey has a regulating effect on gastrointestinal function and can make gastric acid secretion normal.

(4) Improve immunity

A variety of enzymes and minerals contained in honey, after a synergistic effect, can improve human immunity.

(5) Promote longevity

The mechanism of honey to promote longevity is more complex, it is a comprehensive conditioning of the human body, rather than simply acting on an organ.

(6) Improve sleep

Honey can relieve nervous tension, promote sleep, and has a certain analgesic effect. Glucose, vitamins, magnesium, phosphorus, and calcium in honey can regulate the nervous system and promote sleep.

(7) Liver protection

The protective effect of honey on the liver can provide energy preparation for liver metabolic activities, can stimulate liver tissue regeneration, and play a role in repairing damage.

(8) Anti-fatigue

The fructose and glucose in honey can be quickly absorbed and used to improve the health of the blood.

(9) Promote the growth and development of children

Weak and sick, children with poor health can eat more honey. But babies under one year old are not suitable for taking honey.

(10) Protect cardiovascular

Honey has the effect of expanding coronary arteries and nutrient myocardium, improving myocardial function, and regulating blood pressure.

(11) Run lung and cough

Honey can moisturize the lungs and has a certain antitussive effect. It is often used to assist in the treatment of tuberculosis and bronchitis.

(12) Promote calcium absorption

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