Gelatin CAS 9000-70-8

Gelatin CAS 9000-70-8


Edible gelatin (Gelatin) is also called hydrolysed animal collagen, which is low in fat & high-protein without cholesterol.

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CAS No.: 9000-70-8

MF: C102H151O39N31

EINECS No.: 232-554-6

Type: Emulsifiers, Nutrition Enhancers, Stabilizers, Thickeners

color: yellowish

Edible gelatin (Gelatin) is also called hydrolysed animal collagen, which is low in fat & high-protein without cholesterol. It contains 18 kinds of amino acids that human need. It is undoubtedly nourishment with high proteins.

Gelatin has it owns excellent physical as well as mechanical features. It is widely used as nourishment additive, suspend agent, binding agent, foaming agent.

Then how is it made?

It is extracted from fresh animal skin or bone by classification, degreasing, rinsing, neutralization, ect. more than 10 processes.


1. Candy, such as Marshmallow, Soft sweets, gum etc.

2. Ice cream, Salad, Pudding, Jelly etc.

3. Meat product, such as Frozen meet, Can, Sausage etc.

4. Beer, Drinks, Yolk juice etc.

5. Cake, Cheese and Dairy, etc.

6. Health care: hard capsules, soft capsules, microcapsules,coating, etc.

7. Cosmetics: all kinds of beauty skin care, shampoo, mask, hair glue etc.

8.Industry: Sand paper, emery cloth, paper making, printing, textile, silk, printing & dyeing ,match, petroleum, metallurgy, electrodeposit, leather, distilling hydrolyzed protein ,feed additive etc..

Package: 25kg/pp bag

Storage Condition: in cool and dry place under room temperature

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