Hot sale strong small plastic shredder

Hot sale strong small plastic shredder


Beeswax pellets is obtained from the honeycombs of bees after the honey has been removed by draining or centrifuging.

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We are committed to becoming a benchmark in the octacosanol, CAS 37220-17-0, Propolis Extract Powder industry. Relying on the continuous improvement of product quality and high-quality service concept, we have successively cooperated with many domestic and foreign merchants. We have established long-term cooperative relationship with many enterprises with good credit and excellent service. We follow the principle that the customer is God, and provide each customer with assured and satisfactory product solutions is the purpose of our service. With the aim of ' pursuing perfect quality and achieving first-class service', we pays close attention to the needs of users and constantly innovates products, aiming to provide superior products and services for customers. Since we have sophisticated R&D equipment and professional R&D personnel, it can inject a steady stream of power into the continuous innovation and development of the company.


Beeswax pellets is obtained from the honeycombs of bees after the honey has been removed by draining or centrifuging. The combs are melted with hot water, steam or solar heat; the melted product is filtered and cast into cakes of yellow beeswax.


Yellow beeswax pellets with a faint characteristic odour suitable for use in the cosmetic, pharmaceutical and confectionary industries. Also it can be used in the high end candle and polish markets.

Cosmetics industry: Taking advantage of its natural good adhesion, permeability, emulsification, smoothness and other characteristics, it is widely used in the production of cosmetic products such as creams, lipsticks, rouge, head oils, eyebrow pencils, eye shadows, bath lotions, lotions and so on. It is formulated into a variety of medicinal and skin care ointments, plasters, creams, etc. Most of them are made of beeswax.

Pharmaceutical industry: In the pharmaceutical industry, it is widely used in the coating and shell of certain tablets and pills, as a base for ointments and ointments, in the packaging of Chinese patent medicines, and in the production of pharmaceutical slow-release agents. It can also be used to manufacture dental casting wax. Teeth models such as base wax and sticky wax. The rubber coating used in today's human body transplantation of electronic instruments also contains beeswax.

Food industry: Taking advantage of its good plasticity, detachability, film formation and waterproof, anti-moisture, anti-oxidation and other characteristics, it is used as an important material and release agent in the food industry, and can be used as food coating, packaging and outerwear.

Agriculture industry: In agriculture, beeswax is mainly used to preserve fruits and vegetables and for feed addition.

Our company successfully attained IS9001 Certification and European CE Certification of Hot sale strong small plastic shredder. In the future, we are going to continue with the most qualified and high quality service to offer the most competitive price. We advocate a healthy and environmentally friendly lifestyle, and adhere to a timeless and persistent brand attitude.
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