Medical Grade Pure Collagen

Medical Grade Pure Collagen


Fish Collagen Peptide is derived from fish scale/skin which is an enzymatically decomposed product consisting of small peptide molecules. The mean molecular weight of fish collagen peptide is around 2000 DAL.Such small molecular weight can be 100% absorbed by human body.

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Fish Collagen Peptide


Fish Collagen Peptide is derived from fish scale/skin which is an enzymatically decomposed product consisting of small peptide molecules. The mean molecular weight of fish collagen peptide is around 2000 DAL.Such small molecular weight can be 100% absorbed by human body. Our products feature easy absorption, high protein content, high HYP content, high light transmittance , colorless solution,low ash ingredient and low heavy metal content.

Hydrolyzed collagen acts in two different forms in the dermis; in the first action, the free amino acids provide building blocks for the formation of collagen and elastin fibers. In the second action, collagen oligopeptides act as ligands, binding to receptors on the fibroblasts’ membrane and stimulating the production of new collagen, elastin, and hyaluronic acid.


1、 Safe Enough: Our fish collagen peptide is safe enough with high biosecurity.

2、Good absorbility: The world-advanced hydrolyzing technology is adopted. The average molecular weight is 2000 dalton which can be totally absorbed and made full use of by human body.

3、 rich protein, good taste, easy to eat: with more than 95% protein, 8% up hydroxyproline, white powder, absolutely water-soluble, no smell after dissolved in water, little ash and heavy minerals

4、Good raw material of food, healthcare products, medical products and cosmetics

5、Japanese advanced producing technology adopted and exported to Japan and America etc.

Benefites and Applications:

1、Collagen is used in health food for activating cells, improving immune function, anti-aging, preventing skin aging, improving immunity , inhibiting cancer cell.

2、Collagen is widely used in cosmetic, has effect in anti wrinkle, whitening, repair, moisturizing, purify, improving the elasticity of the skin.

3、Collagen is used in medicine to make all kinds of medical material, such as artificial skin, trachea, coarse-fibred absorbable surgical suture, artificial blood vessel, injection solution for filling parenchyma and skin defect cavity.

4、Collagen is widely used in medicine for treatment of arthritis, sinew and bone pain,stop bleeding, plastic surgery, sustained release drugs.

5. In recent years, oral collagen supplementation has become popular as it has been increasingly marketed to consumers as an anti-aging product, because HC oral supplementation reaches the deeper layers of the skin and improves skin physiology and appearance increasing hydration, elasticity, firmness, wrinkle reduction, and skin rejuvenation.

Recommended dosage: studies have found that hydrolyzed collagen dosages as low as 8 to 12 grams per day can provide improved plasma collagen levels and symptom relief.


Test Items


Organization Form

Uniform Powder and granule,Soft,

no agglomerating


White or light yellow powder

Taste and smell

No smell


No visible exogenous impurity

Stacking Density(g/mL)

0.25 ~ 0.4g/mL


90% Min.

pH(10% water solution)

5.0 ~ 7.5


8.0% Max.


2.0% Max.

Molecular Weight (Dal)

2,000Dal Min.


0.5ppm Max.


0.5ppm Max.


0.5 ppm Max.


1.0 ppm Max.


0.1 ppm Max.

Total Bacteria Count(CFU/g)

1000cfu/g Max.


0.4MPN/g Max.


50cfu/g Max.





Packing: Net 25KG/Fiber Drum.

Shelf life: Two years when keep in a tightly closed container, stored in a cool, dry, ventilated place.

*Collagen from Bovine or other sources is also available.

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