Small Honey Powder Packing Machine

Small Honey Powder Packing Machine


Honey powder sachets is great sugar alternative. It contains many vitamins and minerals. It is also a natural sugar that has a lower glycemic index than regular white sugar.

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Honey powder sachets is great sugar alternative. It contains many vitamins and minerals. It is also a natural sugar that has a lower glycemic index than regular white sugar. Honey powder sachets are especially great for long term storage and preserves treats very well. While powdered honey does not have the same health benefits as raw honey, it is a healthier option when baking.

Honey powder sachets can be used like sugar, but it is important to note it won't act like sugar. While it does sweeten whatever you add it to, it won't caramelize or add chewiness to baked goods. It is usually better to use part honey powder and part another sweetener in baked goods to get the right texture. In addition, if it is used to top a baked item.


1. In baked products

In bakery industry, honey powder can be widely used in various baked goods such as bread, cakes, biscuits, moon cakes, etc., as well as making various ready-mixed powders. It can be used not only as a product improver and nutrient, but also as a sucrose-free sweetener.

2. Application in bread

Honey powder effectively improves the texture characteristics of bread, effectively improves the elasticity, cohesion and recovery of bread, and can reduce the hardness of bread core and improve the quality of bread. Honey powder can increase the specific volume of bread to a certain extent, improve the taste of bread, and reduce the cost while improving the quality.

3. Application in cake

The use of honey powder in the cake can significantly improve the taste and aroma of the cake, mask the eggy and greasy taste, and can significantly improve the hardness, cohesion, elasticity and recovery of the cake. The overall structure of the cake with honey powder is softer The internal color is golden yellow, which can obviously shorten the oil return time and increase the coloring speed of the cake. Therefore, the baking time and temperature should be adjusted appropriately when baking honey powdered cakes.

4. Application in cookies

Adding honey powder can significantly improve the odor and taste of tough biscuits and crispy biscuits. The combination of honey powder and milk powder in an appropriate ratio can make the biscuits have a rich milky flavor and make the product crispy. After adding honey powder to the tough biscuit, the hardness is significantly increased, and at the same time, the honey powder can promote the coloring of the tough biscuit, and can significantly improve the smell and taste of the tough biscuit so that the tough biscuit tastes more crispy.

5. Application in moon cakes

Improve the texture of the moon cake to improve the sensory indicators, effectively reduce the amount of sucrose, suitable for more people to eat; the skin is crystal clear, bright and attractive, the taste is cotton sand; the oil returns quickly, and the moon cake with honey powder can return oil Shorten by more than half.

6. In dairy products and cold beverage products

Use honey powder for liquid milk, cold milk products, pure milk flavor, peanut flavor, wheat flavor products and chocolate flavor, taro, nut flavor, grains and other products will get the best taste and natural flavor.

7. In other products

Honey powder is used in creams, peanut butter, health products and other products. It can adjust and modify the aroma of the product to make it natural and mellow. At the same time, it can also mask the bad smell, make the product smooth and delicate, and significantly improve the product's taste and flavor.

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