Sweetener Acesulfame Apsartame Neotame with CAS 165450-17-9

Sweetener Acesulfame Apsartame Neotame with CAS 165450-17-9


​Neotame represent the new generation of sweeteners, its appearance is white crystalline powder(or kernel), it is 7000-13000 sweeter than sucrose and the thermostable performance is better than aspartame, while just cost 1/3 of aspartame.

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Neotame represent the new generation of sweeteners, its appearance is white crystalline powder(or kernel), it is 7000-13000 sweeter than sucrose and the thermostable performance is better than aspartame, while just cost 1/3 of aspartame. On July 9,2002,US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approve that neotame could be used in various food and beverages, On March 10,2003,the Ministry of Health of the People’s Republic of China approved neotame as a new sweetener, the usage amount will depended on the detailed production process.
Product name:Neotame
Chemical name: N-[N-(3,3-Dimethy1buty1)-L-α-asparty1]-L-phenylalanine1-methy1 ester
English name: Neotame
Molecular formula:C20H30N2O5
Appearence: White crystalline powder
C.A.S No.: 165450-17-9
CNS: 19.019
INS: E961
Structural formula:


★ Neotame‘s sweetness is 7000-13000 times of sucrose
★ Taste good, similar to sucrose
★ High stability and does not react with reducing sugar or aldehyde flavor compounds
★ No calories, safety metabolism and non-absorbent, which is edible for the diabetes, obese and phenylketonuria patients

Sweetness Characteristic

Neotame is 7000-13000 times sweeter than sucrose, Because neotame’s chemical bonds which generate sweetness has amplifying effect, which leads to high degree sweetness. If neotame content is relatively high, the chemical bonds which generate sweetness will be close to each other, and their sweetness enhancing area will be overlapping, therefore affects the overall sweetness level, So high concentration of neotame will result in low sweetness level, conversely, low concentration of neotame will result in high sweetness level. For example, if the sweetness which neotame generates is as that of 2% sucrose solution, the sweetness that neotame generates will be more than 10000 times, if it is as that of 5% sucrose solution, the sweetness will be around 8000 times. According to the sweetness requirement of series of sweet products, neotame could be applied in different products, and generates 7000-13000 times of sucrose’ s sweetness, thus a great many documents describe neotame’s sweetness as a range of 7000-13000, not a certain number instead. Considering high sweetness products,with the mixture use of neotame will result in very ideal sweetness, and its excellent property is able to improve other sweeteners’ characters.

According the the character of Neotame, it has a big after sweet taste and have high sweetness. people always mix it with other sweeteners, like suger, soddium cyclamate etc.
Before add neotame, it need be made into the premisture of sweeteners to low the sweeteness. Used to mix fine powder sugar(find powder about 300-400um) or sodium cyclamate or sodium saccharin fine powder. Thus make premisturer 1-2% powder.

Then add this premisture mix with your other raw material. Then add it to your drinks , juice and other food products.
We have the test for the effection of neotame. the PH value is very related with the neotame half life time.
PH=3, half life time 78days
PH=4.0, Half life time 156days
PH=4.5, Half life time 208days
pH=5.0, Half life time 150days
PH=5.5, Half life time 112days

So, the best pH for neotame to use is pH=4.5





White to off-white powder

Assay (Dry Basis)


Specific Rotation (20 °C dried basis)

-43.4°~ - 40°



1.5% Max

Other Related Substances

2.0% Max


5.0% Max


1ppm Max


3ppm Max

Residue of Ignition

0.2% Max

pH (0.5% Solution)


Related Solvents

2.0% Max

Melting Point


Aerobic Plate Count

250cfu/gram Max


10cfu/gram Max


100cfu/gram Max


Neotame is stable in a dry place, and can be stored as long as 5 years in the condition of dry and room temperature, its monohydrate state do not absorb moisture. and thermal stability is better than aspartame, so suitable to use the methods of pasteurization and the instantaneous high temperature to sterilization, but it could be decomposed if it is in the condition of more than 120 degree for long time.
In the following table, neotame’s stability will change notably as PH and temperature changed in aqueous solution, its stability is similar to aspartame in condition of PH 3.0-5.5.In 0.1mol/L phosphate buffer, when PH stays 4.5, neotame’s half-life is 208 days in condition of 25 degree, while its half life will be reduced to 45days in condition of 40 degree. when PH is 3,neotame’s half-life is 77 days in condition of 25 degree, while its half life will be reduced to 22 days in condition of 40 degree, and 24 hours in condition of 80 degree. As to products needing neotame, can be applied to HTST sterilization. For example, as 80 degree,heating solution of PH 3 for 30 minutes will still keep 98.6% neotame, which indicates that neotame, which indicates that neotame do not run off actually. As to solution of PH 4.5, its stability is in the best state, as is in the PH range of yogurt,so neotame is very stable in yogurt. Its half-life is 14 days in condition of 25 degree and PH 7, and 3days in condition of 40 degree, 4 hours in condition of 80 degree.


Neotame can be used with a variety of reducing carbonyl compounds.Such as glucose, fructose, high fructose corn syrup, lactose, maltose, etc. They are used together without generatiing Maillard reaction.
Neotame can be used with a variety of flavors or flavor aldehyde-containing substances, such as vanillin, ethyl vanillin, cinnamic aldehyde, acid, citral, etc. Without the risk of common use of co-Schiff base reaction.Aldehyde compound with aspartame between the unsubstituted amino group, may produce undesirable co Schiff base reactions, neotame of N-substituted amino such a reaction does not occur.



Neotame is of great stability, do not affect products’ features including drinks’ flavor,color after batch production, high temperature short time(HTST) sterilization and aseptic operation
Neotame’s sweetness can be kept in cola carbonated drinks as long as 4-5 months, it can be applied in juice, vegetable juice and low alcohol wine, improve the taste and flavor of drinks, can also be applied in solid powdered beverage like lemon tea and milk powder.
Neotame is very stable in these products and its duration is consistent with the life span of drink itself.In the meantime, the content of neotame could replace more than 20% citric acid, and the taste of sour stay the same.
Solid powdered beverage: neotame can replace 30% sucrose which do not change the products’ flavor, and can reduce production cost, can replace aspartame in the recipe without label phenylalanine.

Dairy products:
Researches shows that, when this kind of products’ shelf life come to an end, the neotame in it only decrease for 2%, which has merely effect to the product.
Neotame is suitable for batch production, high temperature short time(HTST) sterilization and aseptic operation, the final products containing neotame maintain stable concentration,especially for yogurt products, which can apply neotame to enhance its flavor.
Neotame do not involve in fermentation, cannot affect the growth of normal fungus, so it can be widely used in dairy products like yogurt and cheese. It is stable in condition of PH 4.0-4.5.In the process of fermentation,neotame is stable,and its replacement of part of sucrose reduce the calory of the product, increase the nutritional value latently(milk replace part of sucrose volume), thus consumer can get better products.

Starch, protein foods:
Neotame can be mixed with other nutrition and non-nutrition sweeteners. It can resist starch’s deceasing, prolong the products’ duration. Also can resist protein denaturation and keep good flavor in rich protein foods.

Savory food:
Neotame can be applied in high temperature short time(HTST) products including popcorn,cookie and cakes, because of the heating time is very little, neotame concentration merely changes.

Preserved fruits, candied and other high sweetness foods:
Neotame could be perfectly excel its functions when applied in preserved fruits, candied fruit, plum and other high sweetness food, the required sweetness could be easily reached without any bitter taste.According to researches,neotame can generate synergistic sweetening effect with saccharin and cyclamate, the appropriate portion of neotame with other sweeteners could enhance the flavor of food apparently.

Candy,chewing gum and other children$$#$$s food
Neotame’s blend with sugar alcohol products could be applied in low-cost healthy sugar-free foods, especially kinds of candies that children love, the taste is impressive, and can also prevent dental caries.Neotame is not involved in the human oral microbial metabolism and not digested, so it can prevent dental caries which does good to teeth, neotame can replace sucrose,applied in producing sugar-free gum,and prolong the its sweetness apparently.
Neotame is merely absorbed in our bodies, due to its mere calorie, which is suitable for obese patients, patients with cardiovascular disease and the elderly as well as those who desire to control weight eating; does not cause blood sugar fluctuations for people with diabetes.

Table-top sweeteners
Neotame has no moisture absorption, low energy, is very suitable as a table-top sweeteners. The study shows that neotame sweetness can be stored for a long time.

Preserved canned products
Neotame can be used for acid canned foods, substituting 30% of the other sweeteners’sweetness can significantly increase the canned flavor, and reduce costs. adding instant Neotame in fish and other protein-rich foods can inhibit the protein denaturation, keep good taste. As it is available in the application,in canned-fruit products,it can reduce the overall proportion of syrup, reducing the odds of fruit floating,there’s no need to add more fruits.
Neotame showing good stability during the canned-food heat treatment.

Generally,the solid content of the jelly minimum requirement is 15%, and jelly taste good when reach 18-22 sweetness, so the excessive 15 sweeteners can be substituted by sweeteners to adjust the taste, for example: Use neotame substitute 3 sweetness , the actual usage is: 3/8000 × 100% = 0.03755 (w / w); the final product taste sweet and pure, and can reduce the total cost of the product.

Neotame can effectively masking saccharin’s aftertaste bitter, improve feed palatability. Daily feed consumption of livestock determines the growth, especially young pigs, suckling pig feed intake, affecting livestock entire growth process, thus improving the palatability of feed, especially suckling pig, young pig feed palatability resistance can increase their daily intake, thus speeding up their growth rate. Livestock, especially young pigs, piglets are more sensitive than the human palate.
Neotame’s characteristics including pure sweet, no bitter, astringent, metallic odor, can make up and improved feed sweetener, can mask the bitter taste of saccharin and metallic taste, to improve the taste characteristics of feed.


Our innovative Sweetener Acesulfame Apsartame Neotame with CAS 165450-17-9 can not only meet the current needs of many manufacturing and research customers, but also meet their future needs. We believe that our company will be in advantageously position in market competition through using advanced marketing means and superior production techniques. We welcome customers to come to discuss cooperation.
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